Icelandic Chickens

We bought our Icie's from a local farmer that you may know (he's a bit of a local celebrity around here in the homesteading community!), Harvey Ussery. He currently has three breeding "clans": the blue clan, the green clan, and the red clan. Our hens all came from his red clan, since they were his best laying line. We will soon be adding a rooster from a different clan, so our hens can raise their own chicks to replenish our flock.

Icelandics are beautiful birds that LOVE to forage. They can be a bit of a challenge because of their flighty nature, but we have really been enjoying them.

Hatching Eggs:


Due to our relocation to North Carolina, we have sold all of our Icelandic chickens, but we plan to rebuild our flock using the same stock, and hope to add Behl lines as well!


Chicks are due to arrive from David Grote in the beginning of April, 2020!! Stay tuned!