Lady Walkers ATL Ticket to Rye +B VEV89

2019 LA score VEV89 
23 1/2 inches tall as a three year old in rut
Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis*B
SS: NC Promisedland RB Bolero *B +EV85 ADGA Elite Buck 2015 and 2016
SD: AR AGS Proctor Hill Farm BW Calliste 2*M
Dam: Dreahook AF Mirabeau
DS: Fairlea Atticus Finch
DD: AGS Dreahook DB White Russian

Rye was our very first buck, and I was terrified of buying bucks back then because I didn't want to get stuck with a dud that I couldn't sell later on! Well, we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase a junior buck from Lori Yeske at Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm in New Jersey, when we were just getting our feet wet in terms of breeding and genetics. The junior buck bred my does on his first try, gave us beautiful doelings, has an amazing temperament, and has matured into a very nice buck that impresses me every day I see him (in rut and all!). Now I don't worry about being able to move him on in the future, but I also don't think I ever will. He is so easy to work with, has a nice front end assembly that is very difficult to find, and has a stellar pedigree to boot.
Rye was shown in three rings in 2017, making the champion lineup in one of those rings and the reserve lineup as well. So far, Rye has improved all of the udders on his doe kids, regardless of the dam. We are very grateful for this boy!

Above: Rye's sire, Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis*B
Below: Rye's dam, Dreahook AF Mirabeau

 Below: This is Rye's littermate sister, Lady Walkers ATL Juniper Rye. Juniper's 2017 LA and 2018 LA were both VEVV87; Very consistent!

Photo credits: 
Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm


Lady Walkers M Jupiter Rising

2018 LA +V+82

DOB 1/31/2017

Sire: GCH Rosasharn SP Mercury ++*B, LA EEE92
SS: Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B, LA EEE91
SD: SG  Rosasharn’s Eclipse 2*M, LA EEV91
Dam: Chenango-Hills PV Chevalier, LA VEEV89
DS: Chenango-Hills Prince Valiant *B, LA VVV86
DD: Chenango-Hills Phoebe 6*M, LA V+E+84

Jupiter is a beautiful buck with the softest, most luxurious gold and white coat! He is nice and uphill, has a great temperament, and beautiful rear legs. His pedigree speaks for him.

Below, Jupiter's sire, Mercury.

Photo Credit:
Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm 


Lady Walkers V Jester King
DOB 3/1/2018

**Photo credit: Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm**
Sire: Buffalo Clover VAL Versace *B, LA VEV88
SS: GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B, LA EEE91
SD: Buffalo Clover Lady Diana 2*M, LA VEE+88

Dam: Lady Walkers ATL Juniper Rye, VEVV87
DS: Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis *B
DD: Dreahook AF Mirabeau

I really didn't intend to have a buck herd consisting mostly of bucks from one breeder, but when you have a breeder that you like, then you have a breeder that you really like! My first buck , Rye, came from Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm in New Jersey. I had such a good experience not only with the breeder but also the buck, that when I learned that Rye's nephew, Jester, was available, I was happy to add him to my herd and I used him heavily in 2019 for a HUGE crop of winter 2020 doe kids! Out of all of his kids born, four were bucks and the other eleven were does.
Jester has a very high and wide escutcheon, as well as a deep body with lots of capacity. He has nice open ribbing, a wide and level rump, and overall appears to be a very dairy buck. 

Below, Jester's dam, Juniper. 

Jester's sire, Versace

Photo Credits:
Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm 

New buck to soon be added to the website, Cedar View Michelangelo!

**Reference Bucks**

Cool Springs Moose Tracks *B
DOB 3/7/2016
LA 2017 VVV86
LA 2018 A+V81

Sire: Cool Springs Farms C Taterchip*B 
SS: CH J-Nels HM He's A Chipper Boy EVE90
SD: CH Udder Utopia Cinderella

Dam: GCH Gypsy Moon SZ Tigressa 1*M VEVE89
DS: GCH Rosasharn SP Shazam +*B VVV87
DD: AGS Goldenbrook Farm Dot-To Dot

Moose is a chocolate and white moonspotted buck with a lot of promise. I don't breed for moonspots, however here they are! While it puts nothing extra in the mammary system or the show ring, it can be pretty to look at! I expect Moose to continue to mature handsomely, moonspots or not.
I chose to add him to our herd because of the udders on both sides of his pedigree: lots of capacity with lovely texture.
He adds strength to our growing herd in the form of production, top lines, width and good feet. He has a fantastic temperament, which is another reason why he is with us. I strive to produce goats that are easy to milk and have lovely temperaments, so he is a good fit here. His 2018 score is of course disappointing, however he was not presenting his best. He was just coming into rut and simply would not walk straight, throwing his front legs out like a doofus. So while his score went down, I am very happy with his daughters and son that were born here on our farm early 2018. It's not how they show, it's what they throw!

 Above, Moose's sire, Cool Springs Farms C Taterchip*B
Below, Moose's dam GCH Gypsy Moon SZ Tigressa 1*M VEVE89


Waterloo Pond T King of Hearts

Youngstock LA 2016 VV+ overall V

LA 2017 +++82
LA 2018 +VV84

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Troubadour VEE90
SS: SG NC Promisedland RB Bolero *B ADGA Elite Buck 2015 and 2016
SD: AGS Hill Country's KW Sheezallthat

Dam: SG AR Waterloo Pond RCT Ginger 4*M 3*D 4xGCH 2xBDIS, LA 2016 EEE+87 (her udder scored a V the previous session; this last LA session Ginger was towards the end of her lactation, so the appraiser had said it was likely her score would drop)
DS: Rosasharn GM Carolina Trojan
LA 2013 VVV87
DD: SGCH AR Waterloo Pond RHP Nutmeg 3*M LA 2015 EEEV90

King is a small boy who is maturing slowly but comes from excellent milking lines ( he is eligible for a *S with AGS). We decided to add King because I had the privilege of milking his dam on more than one occasion. His dam has an amazing udder with heavy production, milking over 1200 lbs during her fourth lactation. I jumped on the opportunity to add him to our herd when one of my favorite breeders contacted me and said "I've got a nice buckling out of your favorite doe of mine!!" I never regretted that purchase once.

King is a friendly guy, small and flat boned, deep bodied and very wide between the hocks. He has strong feet and legs and a gorgeous rear leg set. He has a lovely topline and a very nice head as well. His 2017 daughters are slow to mature, like their sire, but I am happy to have a buck that may be a good downsizer for my herd. Our 2017 appraiser said that there is a lot of nice qualities about him, he just needs to finish growing out. Our 2018 appraiser was very complimentary of his overall structure, and was pleased to hear that he has passed on those traits to his daughters. His two freshened daughters, found on my First Fresheners page, have both freshened with beautiful, easy to milk udders with lovely texture! King did as I hoped he would: passed on his width, and that width was filled with capacious udders. His daughter, Julie, is rivaling my second AND sixth fresheners in terms of production! I am so very pleased with King's daughters, and am grateful I used him heavily during the 2018 breeding season.
King took reserve junior champion twice and then junior champion 1x in 2016, but did not show quite as well in 2017 because of his smaller stature. He placed consistently in the middle and up to the top of his classes, though.
King has one daughter that took Reserve Junior Champion in 2018.