We are a small herd of performance Nigerian dairy goats in the mountains of western North Carolina, just outside of Asheville. We love the land here, and the views are simply breathtaking!

Why Nigerians? Well, our search for the right dairy animal took a few years for us to decide on! We are an ever-growing homestead, with just over 3 1/2 acres to work with originally (we now own 10 acres of rolling, green pastures), so we knew a cow would stress our land too much. Henceforth, we ventured into the dairy goat world, and knew that a dairy goat was a better fit. With so many beautiful, productive breeds to choose from, we decided on the Nigerian because of their size, their richer milk, and the higher market for both genders of kids. Since we would need to have goat kids every year to keep our does in production, having a market for buck and doe kids was important. And it is so easy to sell excess Nigerian goat kids because they are small, and are just so cute and sweet. They make wonderful companions as well as working animals on our small farm.

Originally, we only wanted a backyard milker. However, after extensive research, we decided to invest in higher quality animals and to breed for improvements. Our daughter is currently in 4H, so we wanted to provide her with animals that had sound conformation for the show ring, and we wanted to breed "up" to better our herd. Not only are we striving to better the conformation of our animals, but to also increase milk production and have our own line of goats that can not only compete in the show ring, but also in the milk pail. And that is how our desire for just one or two backyard, unregistered milkers shifted to a dream of a small herd of quality Nigerian dwarves!

We love our goats, and they are more than providing enough rich milk for cheese, ice cream, fudge, soap (we have a wonderful friend who is in the soap-making business, and occasionally has soap available made from our very own goat milk!), and, of course, a nice tall, glass of cold milk before bed!

Thank you so much for visiting! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.